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An Attorney with Small Business Expertise

My name is Daniel Quarnberg, and I founded FRACTIONALGC with one goal in mind: help small businesses succeed. My wife Rachel and I have owned and operated small businesses for many years now, so I know from my own experience how difficult running a small business can be. I also know first hand the anxiety that comes from the legal uncertainties all businesses face at some point: is the lease agreement fair? does this contract have any issues? is my business compliant with everything it needs to be? and so much more. Although I faced those questions, it never seemed like I could afford to get the answers I needed. Calling up an attorney and getting stuck with a large legal bill was the last thing I wanted to do.

So, with FRACTIONALGC I offer small businesses what I couldn't find: a subscription-based, affordable legal services model that provides a fractional general counsel who specializes in understanding exactly what small business owners need most. The FRACTIONALGC approach to client care is informed by years of operating businesses that earn a customer's loyalty, trust, and respect. You can expect responsive and accurate representation for your business's needs with an outstanding level of service, and I promise to deliver it.

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